About my collection:
A Crest 3D bright smile is the ultimate must have accessory and I designed a polished collection to go with! Using a monochromatic all white palette adding textural interest with a diverse selection of fabrics and fibers. “Brightening” it up with a glint of shimmer in Chic (LWD) Dresses and tailored separates accented with crystal and pearls. I set out to design a glamorous collection with a modern edge and clean lines inspired by the zeitgeist of the 1970’s and fashion icon Bianca Jagger. I streamlined the silhouettes with architectural seaming and faceted details. Softening it up with polka-dot lace, plush boucle, and the elegant drape of silk crepe.  My modernization of classic silhouettes that will no doubt “Dazzle” on the runway.



In the amidst of darkest time our true companion and best friend is the education we have received. It helps us by thinking straight in pressurized situations and make use of our positive abilities and skills in the best way possible.

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Triple D engineering provides the best interior services in Chennai.

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